Perseverance Drilling are underground drilling specialists, an Australian owned and operated drilling company, contracting to the underground mining industry.

Perseverance Drilling was established in 1996, initially focusing on long hole drilling. The company now completes work in the following areas:

  • Long Hole Drilling, thin vein and bulk stoping as well as rises
  • Foam and Mud drilling for broken ground conditions
  • Sludge and probe hole drilling
  • Cable bolt drilling and installation
  • Grade Control Diamond Drilling
  • Labour hire
  1. March
    Started drilling with Simba H1257 (with expanded carousel) at Mt Morgans Mine
  2. February
    Resumed production drilling at Beta Hunt Mine with Simba H1357
    Started full production drilling contract with Simba H157 at Maxwells and Cock Eyed Bob Mines
  3. December
    Bobby Davidson promoted to Maintenance Manager
  4. November
    Our Simba H157MPDD Diamond Drill Rig is recommissioned at Beta Hunt Mine
  5. October
    Started Production Drilling Campaign with H1257 at Homestead & Bullant Mines
    Started Long Hole Rise contract with H253 at Cock Eyed Bob Mine
  6. September
    Started Cable Bolting campaign with Simba H157MPDD at Bentley Mine
    Our Simba E7C Drill Rig LH021 makes its debut at Mt Charlotte Mine
  7. August
    Started Production Drilling campaign with Simba H157 at Maxwells Mine
  8. April
    Our Simba E7C Drill Rig LH021 is commissioned at Frog’s Leg Gold Mine